The Rockets Make Some Room

The Rockets prepare for buyout season.


The Houston Rockets made a couple of small trades today, clearing some cap room and some roster space in case they want to get in on the NBA’s next transaction frenzy: the buyouts.

Houston jettisoned the little used KJ McDaniels and Tyler Ennis in separate deals, with McDaniels off to the Nets, and Ennis going to the Lakers. In exchange for Ennis, the Lakers send Marcelo Huertas to the Rockets, who they will promptly waive. Hopefully Ennis and McDaniels will receive more playing time in their new homes, especially McDaniels, an intriguing player that never seems to get much of a chance. He should have at least an opportunity at some decent playing time on the Nets.

These moves are more about clearing out some space to potentially scoop up players who end up being bought out of their contracts. Some names that have already surfaced as buyout candidates are Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut. The Rockets will no doubt have to contend with the Cleveland Cavaliers when it comes to signing bought out players. The Cavs were quiet today, but are still looking to add veterans, including that playmaker that LeBron James wants so badly.

These trades aren’t exciting, but they’re trades nonetheless, so we might as well write about them. Also, they will lead to a more exciting acquisition for the Rockets in the near future, assuming they nab a player that gets bought out.


Author: tomeagher

Watching too much basketball.

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