NBA Playoffs – Day 20

The Raptors and Heat go to overtime again.


Just like last night, there’s just one game this evening: Game 2 between the Raptors and the Heat! Game 1 was a memorable affair that went into Overtime after Kyle Lowry’s half court heave. However, the Heat won the game to take a 1-0 series lead. Despite his game tying shot, Lowry has been struggling mightily during the Playoffs, and stayed long into the night after Game 1, working on his shot. Will the hard work payoff, or is his problems less with his shooting mechanics and more in his head? Either way, the Raptors need a big win tonight. They don’t want to head down to Miami down 2-0.

8:00 pm – Castle’s coming to an end here on TNT. Wait a minute, where’s the game? Damn it, it’s on ESPN. That means no Charles Barkley, no Marv Albert, no Kristen Ledlow or the rest of the gang. What it does mean is Jalen Rose and Jon Barry and the rest of their motley crew. I’d rather listen to Reggie Miller.

8:07 – We’re live at the Air Canada Centre for Game 2 between the Raptors and the Heat! Miami’s looking for their second straight win on the road, which would give them a commanding 2-0 lead in the series.

8:10 – The Heat win the opening tip, and Game 2 is underway!

8:11 – Luol Deng hits a fall away jumper, putting the Heat up 2-0 to start the game.

8:14 – DeMar DeRozan hits a deep two pointer, and the Raptors get themselves on the board. They trail 4-2 early.

8:20 – DeMarre Carrol gets into the paint for a floater, and we have our first time out with the score Toronto 17, Miami 15 with 5:43 left in the first quarter. The Heat have already turned the ball over five times, and the Raptors have been able to take advantage of those mistakes so far, and they’re on an 11-3 run.

8:28 – We have a time out after another Heat turnover. They’ve coughed the ball up nine times already, and as a result, the score’s Toronto 25, Miami 17 with 2:31 left in the first quarter.

8:34 – We’ve reached the end of the first quarter with the score Toronto 29, Miami 19. The Heat are shooting a robust 61.5%, but they’ve turned the ball over 11 times, literally handing the Raptors a ten point lead. You don’t need me to tell you this, but if they can’t start securing the ball, they’re going to be in for a rough evening.

8:38 – Terrence Ross gets a layup for the first bucket of the second quarter, putting the Raptors up 31-19.

8:43 – Another time out with the score Toronto 35, Miami 25 with 8:25 left in the first half.

8:51 – We have another time out, and things haven’t changed in this one. It’s Toronto 39, Miami 29 with 5:44 left until halftime. The Heat have only added one more turnover to their tally since the quarter started, but both teams are kind of just trading baskets as the Raptors have been able to maintain their double digit lead.

8:56 – Oh dear, Dwyane Wade is down on the ground, and is having a hard time getting up. First he landed awkwardly after going up for a floater, then had Jonas Valanciunas land on him. Wade is finally off the floor and over to the bench, and we have a time out with the score Toronto 41, Miami 31 with 4:35 left in the second quarter. Hopefully Wade can return to the game after this commercial break.

8:59 – We’re back, and Wade looks fine and ready for action!

9:06 – Goran Dragic gets called for a blocking foul, but he definitely gets the worst of it, taking an elbow to the mouth, and now he’s got blood coming out of his mouth, and he’s on the way to the locker room, with a few nasty words for the refs, and some fans, on the side.

9:12 – We’ve made it to halftime with the score Toronto 48, Miami 41. DeMarre Carrol has 12 points to lead the Raptors, and Kyle Lowry is right behind him with 11. Goran Dragic leads Miami with 11 points, and a bloody mouth. Hassan Whiteside has 10 points and 6 rebounds. Miami only turned the ball over once in the second quarter, but the Raptors have remained ahead, despite a little run from the Heat at the end of the second quarter to cut their deficit to within single digits. If the Heat can continue to improve as the game goes on, we could be in for another exciting finish here in Toronto.

9:16 – It’s time for tonight’s episode of Today in NBA Playoff History! As always, thanks to the crew over at Basketball-Reference for housing all of this knowledge.

May 5, 1995 was a solemn day, as it would turn out to be the final game ever played in the old Boston Garden. The Celtics fell, 95-92, to the Orlando Magic, as they were eliminated from the First Round of the Playoffs. Shaquille O’Neal had 25 points and 13 rebounds for the Magic, and Horace Grant added 23 and 10 to help hold off a valiant effort from a pretty ragtag Celtics team. Dominique Wilkins went for 22 points and 18 rebounds for Boston, and Sherman Douglas had 21 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, but it wasn’t enough to close out the old Garden with a win.


9:28 – An update on Goran Dragic!

…gross! Anyway, according to another tweet from the Heat, he’ll be back for the second half.

9:29 – By the way, our narrators show themselves for the first time this evening, and they’re Dave Pasch and Jon Barry.

9:31 – DeMar DeRozan hits a jumper, kicking off the second half scoring, and extending the Raptors lead to 50-41. In other news, Dwyane Wade continues to move up the all time Playoffs scoring list. In the first half, he passed Scottie Pippen for 15th place.

9:36 – Joe Johnson gets into the paint, and he hooks a shot over a few Raptors, plus he’s fouled! He makes his free throw, and the Heat have the Raptors lead down to 52-50. Johnson’s scored the Heat’s last 11 points.

9:39 – DeMarre Carrol knocks down a three, and the Raptors have their lead up to 55-50.

9:40 – Carrol gets to the hoop for a layup, and it leads to a time out with the score Toronto 57, Miami 50 with 6:47 left in the third quarter.

9:48 – We’ve got a time out as the Heat continue to linger. The score’s Toronto 61, Miami 57 with 3:31 left in the third quarter. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan continue to struggle for the Raptors, combining for 11-31 shooting so far, which is frankly better than they’ve been lately.

9:52 – Dwyane Wade banks in a shot, and it’s a one possession game with the Heat trailing 61-59.

9;54 – Wade hits a jumper, and we’re tied up at 61! DeMar DeRozan answers by banking in a layup to put the Raptors back in front, 63-61, but grizzled veteran Udonis Haslem hits a jumper to tie the game at 63.

9:55 – Wade hits another jumper, giving the Heat a 65-63 lead!

9:56 – DeMar DeRozan misses a jumper at the buzzer, and we’ll head into the fourth quarter with the scoreboard reading Miami 65, Toronto 63. Wade continues to hit all of the big shots for the Heat, and they’re now 12 minutes away from leaving Toronto with a 2-0 series lead.

10:01 – Goran Dragic hits a jumper for the first bucket of the fourth quarter, extending the Heat lead to 67-63.

10:04 – Kyle Lowry misses a three, but Jonas Valanciunas bats the ball to Patrick Patterson, who throws down a dunk! The Raptors are back to within three, trailing 69-66.

10:05 – Cory Joseph hits a floater, and we have a one point game with Toronto behind 69-68. On the next possession, the Raptors get a steal, and Kyle Lowry gets all the way under the hoop before shoveling the ball to Jonas Valaciunas, who puts the ball in the hoop! It leads to a time out with the score Toronto 70, Miami 69 with 8:49 left in the game.

10:09 – Hassan Whiteside goes 1-2 from the line, and we’re tied at 70.

10:11 – Goran Dragic drives, stops and hits a shot to put the Heat back in the lead at 72-70.

10:12 – Luol Deng hits a three from the corner, and the Heat extend their lead to 75-70.

10:13 – Goran Dragic finds Hassan Whiteside with a nice pass for a hoop from close range. The Raptors take a time out as the score is suddenly Miami 77, Toronto 70 with 6:35 left in the game.

10:23 – Kyle Lowry misses a shot, but Jonas Valanciunas cleans up the miss and puts it in the hoop, and the Raptors have the Heat’s lead all the way down to 80-78.

10:24 – We’ve got a time out with the score Miami 80, Toronto 78 with 2:20 remaining. Are we in for another Overtime Extravaganza in Toronto?

10:28 – Terrence Ross hits a shot, and the Raptors have scored six in a row to tie the game at 80 as we go under two minutes left in the game!

10:29 – DeMar DeRozan is at the line with a chance to give the Raptors the lead, but he misses the first one! He misses the second one as well, but Jonas Valanciunas is there to tip it in! The Raptors lead, 82-80!

10:30 – Kyle Lowry gets within the three point arc and nails a jumper! He’s been struggling again tonight, but he picked a good time to come through. It leads to a time out with the score Toronto 84, Miami 80 with just 45 seconds left.

10:32 – Dwyane Wade hits a three! Of course he does. It leads to another time out with 37.7 seconds on the clock and the score now Toronto 84, Miami 83.

10:35 – Kyle Lowry hits another jumper! The Heat take a time out with the score Toronto 86, Miami 83 with 14.9 seconds on the clock.

10:38 – Goran Dragic knocks down a wide open three, and we’re tied at 86! Toronto takes a time out with just 10.5 seconds to go.

10:39 – Kyle Lowry brings the ball up slowly for the Raptors, pulls up for a three at the buzzer…and it’s an air-ball. We’re going to Overtime for the second time in as many games in this series!

10:42 – Toronto wins the opening tip of Overtime, and hopefully they have a better time here in OT than they did in Game 1. They get off to a good start as DeMar DeRozan hits a floater along the baseline, putting the Raptors up, 88-86.

10:45 – Jonas Valanciunas nails a jumper, and the Raptors go up 90-86.

10:47 – DeMarre Carrol hits a pair of free throws, and the Heat take a time out with the score Toronto 92, Miami 86 with 1:06 remaining. Much like the Raptors did in Game 1, after hitting the game tying three, the Heat have come out cold in Overtime, and have been unable to score so far.

10:51 – Luol Deng gets through the paint for a dunk, but with 23.5 seconds left, the Heat are down, 92-88. The Raptors call a time out.

10:53 – The Raptors inbound the ball to Cory Joseph in the backcourt, and he’s fouled and will head to the line with 22.1 seconds left.

10:54 – Joseph hits both of his free throws, and they’re up 94-88 with 22.1 left on the clock. Miami takes a time out.

10:58 – Josh Richardson gets to the hoop for a layup, and the Heat immediately foul DeMar DeRozan, who is 1-6 from the free throw line tonight, but there’s just 11.4 seconds left on the clock with the Raptors ahead, 94-90.

10:59 – DeRozan misses his first free throw…and hits his second, and the Heat take their last time out, trailing 95-90 with 11.4 seconds left.

11:01 – Goran Dragic goes along the baseline for a layup, and the Raptors call a time out with the score Toronto 95, Miami 92 with 8.5 seconds left.

11:02 – The Raptors inbound to Kyle Lowry in the backcourt, and he’s finally fouled with 4.9 seconds on the clock. With no time outs, the Heat have to hope that Lowry misses both of his free throws.

11:03 – Lowry hits the first free throw, and misses the second. Joe Johnson grabs the rebound, brings it up the court, and misses a three, and this one comes to an end with the Raptors surviving to tie the series! Our final score: Toronto 96, Miami 92 in Overtime.

Each team had to overcome some self-made adversity in this one. The Raptors shot just 14-26 from the free throw line, while the Heat turned the ball over 20 times, including the 11 they had in the first quarter alone. Tonight, it was the Raptors who were able to overcome their issues and even the series. DeMarre Carroll led Toronto with 21 points, to go along with 5 rebounds and 4 steals. DeMar DeRozan scored 20 points and grabbed 8 rebounds, and Jonas Valanciunas had 15 points and 12 rebounds, and made some big plays down the stretch, cleaning up after some errant shots from his teammates. DeRozan and Kyle Lowry struggled once again for the Raptors, shooting a combined 16-46, but it wasn’t enough to submarine them.


Goran Dragic had 20 points and 8 stitches, leading the Heat in both categories. Hassan Whiteside had 13 points and 13 rebounds, but Miami went cold in Overtime, and couldn’t overcome their turnover woes. Nevertheless, they leave Toronto with the series split, giving them home court advantage with the next two games down in Florida.

This series is off to a good start, with the first two games going to Overtime, which is a rare occurrence. Tomorrow night, we’re back to a standard two game slate, so I best be off to bed, so I can be 100% for another night of Playoff action.

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